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anal Free Anal Story Princess Jasmine and Prince Kaleb lead a happy life in this fairy tale, they live in a castle and ton't have anything to worry about. One day when they wake up for their morning hug they discover they're a lot more horny than they usually are, one thing leads to another and they end up fucking, however, Kaleb starts doing something that Jasmine did not expect !!!!
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lesbian cheerleaders Free Lesbian Story Jeanny and Lucy are 2 horny cheerleaders who just happen to be lesbians. They're very energetic and cannot stay in one place for too long, as if that's not bad enough they're always fighting and being bitches. They're doing their cheerleader practice when one of them suddenly feels horny and decides she wants to fuck, they have alot of fun deciding what they want to do and how to play with each others' pussy.
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gay Free Gay Story Abul-einein and Abu-yahya have just been out clubbing at one of the gay bars they so frequently enjoy where they were dancing the night away. Abu-yahya had a little too much to drink and couldn't wait to return home to be alone with Abul-einein, who finds out that Abu-yahya had been holding back all week due to work related stress and is eager to compensate his boyfriend.
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Hi !! and thanks for visiting this site !! This is an archive of xxx illustrated porn stories, no love shit on this site !! All the stories on this site are xxx hardcore porn with graphic photos of sexual activities, so if you don't like porn this site is not for you :o)
The story previews above are the only ones we have for now but we're working on a few interactive ones that we should release soon, they're a lot of work so it will be a while before they're published. Though it's pretty exciting stuff, sort of like seeing a girl or guy having sex and being able to choose what they do next.
These are very short stories, no chapter bullshit on this site ! Each story is illustrated with sexual pictures to improve the fantasy side of viewing an erotic story. There are a few stories to be added soon, stuff to do with bdsm and teen fiction. These stories will be totally xxx hardcore, like I said if it's erotic or it's softcore you won't find it on this site !!! :o)
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